yeityoPiya hawaryawit bEtekrstiyan (apostolic church of Ethiopia)

dehnnetn beTqaqn neger meleweT (exchanging our salvation in simple wage)

meha.2:15; weynacn abboalna yeweynacnn bota yemiyaTefutn qeberoc, Tqaqnun qeberoc aTmdachu yazuln::


Samson Tadese

my coment is not about the sermon,but about how it should me communicated to others.the 1st thing is we only see the topic of z sermon on the website but why don't u think about transmission of z sermon either in aodio or writen summery os z sermons in z website.for exaple i've been serching,looking for z way to listen for or to read z summery of this sermon in this site okey plse do something about it.