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Gospel Triumph = Gospel Conflict

Because God’s unchanging Gospel triggers different responses, let’s advance it together.


The passage before breaks down simply into 2 parts according to the travels of the Apostle Paul in the Roman province of Macedonia. In Acts 16, he was in the city of Phillipi where he and Silas powerfully conducted their first Gospel concert—in jail. From there, Paul and his entourage moved about 100 miles west to a key commercial city called Thessalonica. Acts 17:1-9 records what happened there. After being run out of that town for disturbing the peace, he moved to a more receptive city called Berea (17:10-15). All this before his famous visit to Athens (17:16-32). In both these sections/visits, 2 things happen: The Gospel gets proclaimed and people convert (2-4; 10-12) while others resent and thus viciously oppose the message and messengers (5-9; 13-15). It is safe to conclude from this story that the preaching of the gospel will always produce a mixed response. That being said, let us unpack FOUR dimensions of Gospel work according to this biblical text that still apply to us today:


  1. The Gospel Unchanged (17:3, 7)
  2. The Gospel Proclaimed
  3. The Gospel Opposed
  4. The Gospel Supported (17:5b, 6b, 7a, 8, 9, 14-15)


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