Addison Street Community Church (OLD)

He is Here! Our Glorious Hope

How does God comfort a forlorn people?

Sermon-in-a-Sentence: God comforts destitute people with the good news of his hope.

  1. God's glory is both already and future (40:1-5).
  2. God's glory is backed by his forever word (40:6-8).
  3. God's glory is who he is (40:9-31).

“…Scripture calls on us to glorify God. In one sense, of course, we cannot increase God’s glory. But when we speak truly of him and obey his Word, we enhance his reputation on on earth…. We can also understand glorifying God as giving praise to him…. Our words and our lives bring praise to God, which shows his glory-light to the world. To glorify God, then, is simply to obey him, and therefore to proclaim his greatness by our words and deeds” (John Frame, Introduction to Systematic Theology, p. 398).