Addison Street Community Church

A Loving Conscience Towards the Weak Conscience

In the sports world, coaches are often the face of the team. To hold such a position, especially at a high level, means caring meticulously for any and all details. With invasive close-ups and jumbo screens, the slightest imperfections are more than trivial matters. Both gaffes and glory-moments are amplified for sponsors and stakeholders. It can be a title race for strong market value and brand representation. It might seem - come game-time - board members are feeling the most heat. For coaches, in many cases, the barometer is monumentally more elevated. Exceptional past-performances are no longer enough to satisfy the demands on a coach in the modern game. Nowadays' repertoire needs business, emotional intelligence, and, increasingly more...self-awareness. 

What does this have to do with church-life -- not that you'll lose your job? But imagine if your own actions were to blame for a brother or sister's seared conscience?

To be a thoughtful follower of Christ means paying attention to yourself more. How does one do this? Have a listen as Warton Hertz exposits 1 Corinthians 8. 

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