Addison Street Community Church

Faith That is Never Alone

True, saving faith is backed up by works of love toward God and man.

  1. Dead Faith (14-20)

            Dead faith is full of hollow claims while even being firm on the right creeds. 2 close-to-home scenarios:

  • 1st scenario: Is a person “of faith.” They are known that they have faith but are Full of hollow claims that demonstrate an obvious lack of love for the obviously needy (2:14-17). 
  • 2nd scenario: Dead faith can even be Firm on right creed. (2:18-20). 


  1. Living Faith (21-26)

            Living faith is a belief that has deeds to show for it.

CAVEAT: We are saved by faith alone, but that faith is never alone. 

  • Abraham the Patriarch was called to uproot, stop worshiping his pagan gods and follow God. God gave him some big promises, and Ab believed God. How do we know that Ab was the real deal/living faith? He kept following God even when it was most difficult (Gen 22). He was vindicated by the works that came after or as a result of his simple trust in God.
  • Rahab the prostitute demonstrated her true faith in Israel’s God by loving God’s people via her hospitality and rescue of the spies.

Living faith is an active faith and thus a valid faith. It is a faith on the move. This is why the phrase “steps of faith” is a great one. If you have heard the message of God’s Word today, what steps of faith must you take out of love for God and others?

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