Addison Street Community Church

Poetry for Plodders

We get our hopes up a lot. It's natural. Yet, without even seeking it out, our hopes get shot down. It's what Proverbs (13:12) says: "Hope deferred makes the heart sick..."

Burst bubbles are good to keep us realistic. So is the book of Ecclesiastes because it keeps us grounded and forces us to embrace our limits. It's a ballast to keep the believer who is so heavenly-minded from becoming of little earthly good. In other words, this enigmatic book of the Bible actually forces us to embrace our limits, to face what we see and be okay with what we can't see. Enigmatic though it may be, Ecclesiastes specializes in life's enigmas. And, rather than 'cracking a code' for us, it sometimes jarringly gives our expectations a 'crack'. But it's all for our good. 

If life feels elusive to you; if it feels all too like catching and holding on to a bubble, then you need this book. So, this Sunday, we get to hold up a magnifying glass of Ecclesiastes to the bubble of life. You may just be surprised by hope. 

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