Addison Street Community Church

Poetry for the Passionate

Song of Solomon (or Song of Songs) is one of the most celebrated yet difficult books of Christian Scripture. Dr. Phil Ryken (President, Wheaton College) describes it as "adult themed with parental guidance." That's good and yes, we'll be "going there" this Lord's Day as a continuation of our Old Testament wisdom-poetry books overview. 

A poem about marital love, Song of Songs is like a "soundtrack of our lives." It dusts off the 'vinyl' of Eden while pointing us toward and making us wait for the 'extended track' of heaven's marriage supper. But what about now, today? What about you? Does it apply if you don't fit the idyllic image of young love found in this song? Is it only for married people? Should we just spiritualize it to soften the sexuality or get something more profound than just love on fire?

Join us this Sunday to gain more confidence in God's sufficient Word.