All Saints Episcopal Church | Winter Park

Christian Mindfulness

Listen to Fr. Rob's Sunday, October 15 sermon as he discusses the issue of anxiety for many adults in contemporary Western society.
Taken from Fr. Rob's October 12 Rector's E-Note
For many, worry is a daily experience, sometimes leading to challenging issues with anxiety. The solution to anxiety is not getting the circumstances of my life under control, a futile undertaking at best. The answer to anxiety lies in focusing my attention upon that which is greater than those things about which I feel anxious. As I learn to rest and trust in the faithfulness of God, the anxious knots of my life begin to untangle. It begins to be possible to meet each day, not with fear and uncertainty, but with openness and acceptance.

The Apostle Paul teaches that our thinking is something we must take charge over. If we don't, it will control us. Paul tells us that we need to be intentional about focusing our minds. In Christ we can learn to shift our thinking to a more mindful trust in the infinite resources of God's presence with us. I look forward to preaching about the antidote to worry that is given to us by the God of all peace.

With you on the Journey,
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