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Combining our Talents for the Master: Matthew 25:14-30

As we look at this passage tonight, here are some of the things I think we should consider:
  • The Master:
    1. The Master is fantastically wealthy: he entrusts 3 slaves with 8 talents. 1 Talent runs to about 6000 days' wages. If you put that into current American minimum wage: $372,000 per talent. $2.976 million.
    2. To put it another way: He gave to one servant 5 brand new John Deere STS 9770 with Premier Cab and Rice Header, to another 2 of those, and the last got 1.
    3. There are things left unsaid here, but it's a safe assumption that the Master knew what his servants were capable of, because he entrusted "according to his ability"
    4. The Master is not present---however, it's to be expected that he wasn't uninformed of what was happening, either.
  • The slaves:
    1. Left to handle business
    2. Were going to remain slaves whatever happens
    3. The reward is joy, joy shared with the Master and fellow faithful slaves
  • The results:
    1. For those who tried---amazing results
    2. For those who didn't----no results.
    3. For those who tried---the joy of their master
    4. For those who didn't----no joy.
  • The "us"-> What are we doing with what God has given us?
    • Time?
    • Talents, skills, abilities, gifts?
    • Treasures?
    • Tries?
    • Thoughts?
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