Almyra First Baptist

Palm Sunday 2011 Matthew 21:1-11

What's happening?

I. It's time to enter Jerusalem:
     A. First important point: Coming in from outside the city
     B. Second important point: Riding on a donkey:
          1. Sign of peaceful entry
          2. Fulfillment of Zechariah 9 prophecy

II. The crowds:
     A. Shouting "Hosanna"
     B. Incorrect identification---"This is the prophet Jesus, from Nazareth in Galilee"
III. This is how the same crowd turns a deaf ear (at best) to "Crucify!" in less than a week:
How we identify Jesus matters
1. There is a constant pressure to redefine Jesus:
     On CNN's website just this past week someone tried to redefine Jesus as not knowing or acknowledging the Old Testament
     There's the effort to paint Him as anything but God
2. We must take care to define Him as He is:
Not merely a prophet: while there have been many prophets who speak the words of God, He is not one of them.
Not merely a teacher: we cannot reduce Him to just a teacher
CS Lewis -> Liar, lunatic, or Lord argument
If we do not recognize Him as Lord, there's no point in shouting "Hosanna"
We must move from Crucify to Hosanna!
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