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1 John 3: Does God Expect Perfection?

Does God say in 1 John 3:6 that Christians should be perfectly sinless?  What does John mean when he says Christians don't sin?  This message looks at the context of 1 John to help unravel John's statement and bring some relief to those of you who may be freaked that you're not a Christian because you sin.

Given the background against which he writes, it seems that John is referring to the rebellion of the false teachers, whom he calls "antichrists" and "of the devil."  John speaks in very black and white terms about two camps: Christians and those who are not (and are associated with the false teachers).

Considering this background, and the fact that John has already acknowledged that Christians sin (1:5-9), the sin that John has in mind must be more of a lifestyle of rebellion against Jesus, not just the occasional failings of people who would be characterized by their (imperfect) pursuit of God.

Remember that the point of 1 John was to comfort the true believers and remind them that they know God and have eternal life (5:13).

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Peter Davidson

You say that we sin even if we walk in the light with Christ?

This is plainly idiotic, 'two cannot walk together unless they are agreed'. It plainly controdicts scripture. We can only walk with Christ as non sinning followers as you say we have the power of God within us to resist sin. For a Christian in Christ sin does not exist as Christ was made sin for us and died to that end, was the death of Christ to no effect? You also have to consider the english language, which you use incorrectly or in a limited sense we may have sin within us but the is a negative and positive as well as a neutral sense to consider please do not always consider the negative. Please wake up and stop being so 'idiotic' I use that advisidly.




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