Anchor Community Church

Mark 2:18-28: Jesus and His Enemies, pt. 2

The controversy surrounding Jesus continues through chapter 2 of the book of Mark.  When confronted about the fact that his disciples aren't fasting like the other religious people, Jesus says it is not possible when the Bridegroom is with them.  This would tip off anybody who is familiar with the Old Testament that   Jesus is using the same language God did to describe his relationship to his people.

Jesus becomes even more explicit about his identity when confronted about the fact that his disciples were allegedly breaking the Sabbath.  Jesus doesn't enter the debate of the day, really.  He simple claims to be "Lord of the Sabbath."

*Note: In the sermon I really messed up the analogy of sewing a new patch on old garments.  Fabric shrinks, it doesn't stretch as it gets old.  I knew this, and it's obvious from the text, but I still messed it up!  So ignore what I say about it.