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Mark 4:35-41: Why Are You So Afraid?"

"Why are you so afraid?"

These words echo in my head even still.  Jesus and his disciples are in a storm at sea in which the disciples are sure they're going to die, they cry out to Jesus to do something and he calms the storm and rescues them.

A great miracle, no doubt.

But it gets better.  Surprised by their reaction to the storm, Jesus says, "Why are you so afraid?"  What did he expect?  Well, his next question gives that away: "Are you still without faith?"

At this point his disciples declare: "Who is this, that even the waves and the wind obey him!"

When it comes down to it, we either operate from fear or faith.  Jesus expected his followers to act out of faith; he has spent himself to demonstrate his divine authority and power to show them that he is in control of storms, cancer, unemployment, teenagers that go off the deep end, and bullies.

But what should we expect when we trust him in the storm?  This message addresses that.

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