Anchor Community Church

The Mean Estate of Jesus the Savior

Inspired by the line "Why lies he in such mean estate?" from the Christmas Carol, "What Child is This?" this message looks at the condescension of the eternal Son of God to become man--and then his humiliation on the cross.

All this to rescue us from our doom?

How is it that the plan of God to bring salvation to the world involved such a bitter path for Christ?  How is it that he became a common, undistinguished guy, while remaining the Son of the God, to save us from our sin?

Jesus stooped to our level, grew, learned, worked a job, got his hands dirty, felt our pain, and carried our sins to the cross to pay the price for our crimes against heaven.

That's the real Christmas story.

It's grittier, more visceral.  Not like your average Christmas card.  He was laid in a dirty feed trough; he touched our world as an insider.  He hung out with sinners, welcomed the unlovely, took bitter criticism for all of it, was unjustly tried and executed.

All for the divine plan of redemption.

What's astonishing is that to conquer sin and evil Jesus suffered at the hands of sinful men, then was punished for our evil.  And the mind blowing part of the astonishing plight of Christ?  That it was all God's sovereign plan to save. 

Jesus is not a God who keeps his distance.  He is a high priest who can sympathize with us.  He knows what it's like to be one of us.

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