Bethel Lutheran Brethren Church


We live in a fallen world and you know it. You know it when a relationship breaks, when natural or man-made disasters hit, when you are confronted with crime in your neighborhood. We are given different and often contradicting messages by the world about how to relieve the angst that we feel when surrounded by that hurt. Join us in this six part series to hear the bad news that none of those methods will ultimately help and the good news that will. We don't like to be told that we're wrong. We sweep our problems under the rug, because if no one else knows about then, maybe we can convince even ourselves they don't exist. And so we project this desire onto our self-made "god"; we make our "god" a lord who doesn't judge, who lets evil into heaven. That doesn't sound like paradise to me—join us this week to learn how God does deal with evil for good.