Big Tree Wesleyan Church

Mulligans: David

In part 3/4 of the series "Mulligans: Second Chances in the Lives of God's People," Pastor Doug looks at one of the most defining moments in the life of King David. He begins by explaining David's sins of adultery and murder, but then moves toward David's prayer found in Psalm 51. Pastor Doug explains that Psalm 51 gives us an example of how to ask God for a second chance. He explains that it involves a three step process: "Forgive me; Cleanse me; Use me!" David asks God to not only forgive him for the sins he has committed, but also to blot them out entirely--to erase them from his permanent record. That is what God does: God forgives our sins and He doesn't continue to hold them against us. Any guilt and shame that comes from our sins after forgiveness, is not from God. Pastor Doug remarks that the Church is usually pretty good at forgiving people for sins. However, the Church often fails at erasing sin, and even more so at allowing people who have been forgiven to be used by God. But David tells God that if God can forgive and erase his sins, then David will continue to be used for the glory of God--to praise God and to teach other sinners about righteousness and the love of God. For us, our second chances involve admitting our sins or failures and believing that God cleanses those sins in order that we can be used for the glory of God. But we must believe that we are forgiven if we are going to allow ourselves to be used. So if you find yourself feeling weighed down by the weight of shame and sin, simply turn to God and ask to be forgiven, cleansed, and used for the glory of God.
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