Big Tree Wesleyan Church

Mulligans: Moses

In part 4/4 of the series "Mulligans: Second Chances in the Lives of God's People," Pastor Doug looks at the life of Moses--a man who God would use for greatness, but a man who was first a murderer. Moses sought deliverance for the Israelites, so he killed an Egyptian slavedriver, in the hope that the Israelites would see him as the one who would deliver them out of Egypt. However, this was not the case, and Moses fled Egypt and spent 40 years in the wilderness. After 40 years, God came speaking to Moses in the burning bush, calling him (giving Moses a second chance) to deliver the Israelites. The beauty of Moses' mulligan, is that it demonstrates to us, as Christians, that no amount of time can separate us from the grace of God; forgiveness is always available. Further, Moses' story demonstrates to us: 1) the importance of waiting for God's call, rather than taking matters into our own hands, and 2) God calls us amidst the ordinary events of our day; Moses was simply working his day job when God called to him from the burning bush.
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