Big Tree Wesleyan Church

Mulligans: Peter

In part 2/4 of the series "Mulligans: Second Chances in the Lives of God's People," Pastor J.J. looks at the life of Peter, whose story spans the gospels. Peter was a person in need of not 1, not 2, but countless 'do-overs' or 'mulligans.' The second chances for Peter were all instances of God's grace, given in order that Peter might fulfill the call that Jesus put on his life: to be the rock which the Church will be built on, and to be a fisher of people. Looking at Luke 21:31-34 and John 21:15-19, Pastor J.J. reminds us that Peter had to be confronted with his self-assurance, pride, and over-confidence, and have grace extended to him, in order to understand his calling. Peter was so sure that he would never betray Jesus, but he did. But in the book of John, we see that it is Jesus who approaches Peter to extend grace. Peter doesn't go to Jesus groveling for forgiveness; Jesus asks the simple question: "do you love me Peter?" Jesus asks this same question of all of us, and if our answer is "yes," Jesus tells us to "feed His sheep," and "encourage your brothers and sisters." Our individual stories of God's grace are supposed to be used to encourage others who believe they are not in need of grace--or couldn't possibly be forgiven for what they've done. Our stories of grace are meant to be tools which lift people out of their shame and guilt.
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