Big Tree Wesleyan Church

The Choice To Rejoice

The prophet Habakkuk speaks a lengthy complaint against his circumstances and lot in life. He recounts all of the reasons he has to complain and be discontent with his life. Yet, as we read further, in chapter 3, verses 17-18, Habakkuk makes the choice to "be joyful in God my savior" and "rejoice in the Lord." Pastor Doug reminds us of the challenge of finding contentment and joy amidst strife, pain, and loss. In a life of suffering, what reason is there to rejoice? Rather than ask: "how can you believe in God when such suffering exists," Pastor Doug asks us: "how can you not believe and hope in God when such suffering exists." For Christians, the way through the suffering of life is allowing ourselves to believe in a God who holds the world together and provides us comfort and the ability to overcome whatever life might hand us.