1 Samuel 30 - When the Bottom Drops Out

When the Bottom Drops Out
1 Samuel 30

FCF: We want to be in control

GCF: Thank God for everything

Prupose: That you will seek God strength so as not to become bitter in life.

Theme/Thrust:  A christian life is lived by the Strength and power of the Holy Spirit

I. God's Servant is Overwhenmed (30:1-6a)

  • The Readers Edge
  • David discoveres the disaster
  • YoYo Problem
  • Sobering/disterbing Picture
  • Letter to JB Philips
  • Implication - This could be true for any of God's servants 

II. God's Strength is Sufficient (30:6b-9)

  •  Rebellion of David's Men
  • Strengthing oneself in Yahweh
  • What it is not #1: Gospel Magic
  • What it is not #2: Venting
  • What it is not #3: Open Anger
  • Way to Strength #1: Personal God
  • Way to Strength #2: Promices / Affirmations
  • Way to Strength #3: Access His Presence
  • You have the same recorse

III. God's Providence is Essential (30:10-20)

  • Pilgrim Cleaners Add
  • No Calling Cards
  • Showing Providence - Egyptian Slave

IV.  God's Grace is Decisive (30:21-25)

  • David recovered everthing
  • Mean/Nasty Men
  • David stifles their scheme
  • Theology of Grace
  • Grace Worldview

V. God's Victory is Encouraging (30:26-31) 

  • Servant & Serpant
  • Complete Victory
  • Jesus' victory is Complete
  • Victory is the hindge of passage sturcture. 
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