2 Samuel 13 - All in the Family

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David's family has sons that have difficult sons.  The result is that the judgement and punishment of 2 Samuel 12:11 will comabout in his family relations.  God is exacting punishment for David's sin of adultry with Bathsheba and the murder of Uriah.

FCF: though we are not as bad as we can be, our sin has made us as bad off as we could be.

GCF: Godliness if of great profit.

Purpose: That you will see the greater benefit in pursuing godliness rather than godlessness.

Theme: Godliness fails to Sactify Christ as Lord

Question: What are some stuggles of a godless life?

I. Doublemindness - because it doubts God's Word
II. Foolishness - because it denies greater profit.
III. Humanism - because it rejects Christ's Lordship

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