2 Samuel 5 - Kingdom Collage

We tend to see the Gospel as a way to get by in living on earth when in actuality it is the means for all satisfaction.

FCF: We tend to preach a Gospel of life enhansments instead of a Gospel centered on knowing God himself

GCF: God will either reveal or discipline us so that we can know the highest good of the Gopsel that is coming to know God himself.

This passage helps us see the King of the Kingdom by showing the kingdom in 4 different fragments:

I. The Fragment of Promise (5:1-10)

II. The Fragment of Vision (5:11-12)

The Fragment of Compromise (5:13-16)

IV. The Fragment of Victory (5:17-25)

Conclusion: The benefits of the kingdom come in to focus most clearly when seek and savor the King of  the Kingdom.