2 Samuel 7 - Getting to Know the Covenant God

We need to see that the kingdom of Davis will last.  It is an eternal kingdom that we proclaim in the Gospel  Our danger is the we can get sidetracked from how we relate to God to other entailments that are not put forth in a thick understanding of the Gospel.

FCF: We Assume the Gospel

GCF: The Cross center living is the focus of true Gospel living and proclaimation

Theme: We can overcome drifting from our foundation and assume the gospel while really focuing other exteral issues, but we can always can gaze at the Cross and be drawn back to the foundations of the Gospel. 

Question: Are we part of a generation that Assumes the Gospel

Trasition: 4 Entailments that help us focus our lives and ministry back on the Gospel of Christ:

I. God's Wisdom (7:1-5)

II. God's Humility (7:6-7)

III. God's Grace (7:8-11)

IV. God's Consistance, and immutibility (7:12-16)

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