2 Samuel 9 - Covenant Kindness

Fallen Condition Focus (FCF):  Like Mephibosheth, we do not save ourselves at all, and can only hope in the king's mercy.  We cannot make others show kindness to us or require kindness as a requirement for our effort in showing kindness to others. 

God Centered Focus (GCF): Just as we cannot make others show kindness God's kindness cannot be earned or required, but must be freely giving by God.

Purpose: to understand that God's kindness and love toward us is something that is given freely to people that are enemies and show be executed. 

Theme: God take's the initiative in showing kindness.

Question: What are the benefits of understanding Covenant Kindness (love):

I. Benefit #1: Security

II. Benefit #2: Abundance

III. Benefit #3: Dependance.

Romands 5:6-10 highlights the the Gospel reality of Covenant Kindness in that God shows kindness to us to save us while we were enemies of God and sinners. 

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