Acts 21:37-22:30 - Common Ground / Uncommon Confidence

Paul now finds himself before the Tribune and asks to speak to the Jews that are gathered against him (for they have accused him of defaming the temple). Paul clears his name being associated with a Jewish assassin group that tried to overthrow the roman rule a couple of years earlier. Paul then speaks to his people in their language detailing his conviction of sin (1-5), conversion to Christ (22:6-16), and calling to bring the gospel to the entire world (22:17-21). The Jews get so angry that they don't let Paul finish his speech and want his life. The entire process is expedited by the roman Tribune who desire to flog him, but don't because they eventually realize that paul is a Roman citizen by birth.

This whole narrative shows that Christians will know God's will with uncommon character because of God's faithfulness. You can see evidence of God's faithfulness all around your life, just as Paul was proclaiming in this passage. Man tends to become unfaithful when things don't go his way, but God remains faithful. Knowing and trusting the character of God's faithfulness will give you strength and allow you to know and do God's will.
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