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Is It Really Good to Give Thanks?

1. A baby shower gift that we received that we decided was not up to the standards of what we really wanted. (I will bring in our Baby Bjorn baby carrier. We got an off brand as a gift, and we were ungrateful ... shame on us!) An image of a baby carrier would be appropriate here.
2. Reasons why we fail to be thankful 1) we are greedy, self-centered, and satisfied with only exactly what we want; 2) ignorance, and 3) the prosperity of the "wicked" (For #1 I will talk about our misuse of the phrase "it's the thought that counts." We use this to express or sugar-coat disappointment. Perhaps an image of a child giving a tattered thank you card. I'm looking for someone giving an unwanted or insufficient thank you. For #2 an image of someone failing to see beauty or turning back on beaut. I am thinking something like failing to see a mountain vista or a sunset. For #3 how about someone sneering at an obscenely wealthy person. Just some suggestions.)
3. Scripture -- Paul encourages us to be thankful IN all circumstances not FOR all circumstances. (I am thinking of something like a flower blooming amid trash or a person praying in a moment of great pain.)
4. We are called to Define the Gift -- what tangible, emotional, and relational gifts have we received. Name them so that you may give thanks for them. (Image of a person excited to discover a present.)

5. When we are thankful we are then able to pass on a portion of what we have received. (Image of sharing something such as food or clothing -- such as scraping a portion of food onto someone's empty plate or giving someone a coat in a rainstorm.)

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