Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

In Sufficiency

- Don’t underestimate the sufficiency of what you have from God!

Last week we heard from Jeremiah in Lamentations that in spite of any struggle or suffering endured in this life, our hope in Christ is more than enough.

Being grace-filled people doesn’t always equate to being graceful people...

- We tend to identify success, good health, and prosperity with being #blessed by God. - We struggle to see how God blesses us in the midst of struggle, sickness, and grief.
- We can be less than graceful in how expressing how God has filled us with His grace!

The people of God have always underestimated the sufficiency of what He has provided.

- Sufficiency is supplied in everything we need!

Paul could boast on his transformation from zealous enemy of God to ardent apostle of the Gospel...

...yet in that same hope as Jeremiah, Paul finds sufficiency in suffering a persistent ‘thorn in his flesh.’

When prayers to be kept comfortably uncomfortable are answered we experience buyer’s remorse!

- That’s not what I ordered, send it back! - This isn’t the right size...
- I’m not even sure what to do with this!

For everything that we think we need God says “My grace is sufficient for you...”

- Be content with the sufficiency of your weaknesses in Christ!

What we see as weakness, God makes powerful!

- The brokenness of our backstory becomes a platform to proclaim God’s power.
- Nothing is without purpose or plan, but enacted with intentionality according to the

grace of God!
- God’s grace is sufficient, even when our strength is not.

God’s grace shows up in the most unexpected places!

When we are weak in our flesh, we are strong in Christ!

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