Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

Predestined for a Purpose

Ephesians 1:3–14
- You are where you are!
• We need to know where we are going and why we should be there.
- Our bodies were made to be in motion.
- “Not all who wander are lost” - Tolkien (“The Riddle of Strider”, The Fellowship of the Ring)
- The lens that we see our purpose through impacts how we understand everything around us.
• Even when our situation in life leaves us wondering what our purpose is, God works to reorient our final destination.
• We were once far off (Eph 2:13), yet through Christ we are ALL given a hope in adoption as sons and daughters of our King. (vs 5)
- You are who you are!
• •

We are not defined by our purpose, who we are defines our purpose!
Who you are is important!
- Our identity in Adam and Eve inclines us toward rebellion against God.
- Our identity in God’s image through Holy Baptism inclines us to lean on God’s grace.
- God desires all people to be saved...and so He sent His son that all who believe in Him would be! (vs 7-10)
“In chapters nine, ten, and eleven (of Romans) the apostle teaches about the eternal predestination of God.... Follow the order of this Epistle: first be concerned about Christ and the Gospel, in order to recognize your sin and his grace; then fight against your sins.... Adam must first be quite dead before a man is able to bear this subject and to drink this strong wine. Watch that you do not drink wine while you are still an infant. Every doctrine has its limit, time, and age.” - Martin Luther (Luther’s Works, Volume 35, Page 378)
- •
You are more than you are!
We have been predestined for a purpose that reflects who Christ in us!
• We do not wander aimlessly or without purpose...

...and everything else in our life is measured against the purpose we were predestined for!
• The hope that we have in a heavenly inheritance is for all people, saint and sinner!
- God relentlessly pursues even the most rebellious of His sheep!
- We are saved by grace through faith...and that faith now saves you.
- The gifts of God are given to all of mankind and we are led by the Spirit to receive them.
• God has had this purpose for you since before the foundation of the world...
 ...so that every empty seat is an opportunity to share the hope we have in Jesus!

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