Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

Wait and See

Luke 2:22-40
- Where is our hope in the waiting?
• Waiting requires us to let go of the controls...

...and allows us to hold on to hope in the face of the unknown.
• The end of Simeon’s waiting also meant that he would soon see death.
• Where our hope rests in our waiting directly impacts what we do next! - Anna’s hope is fulfilled and her heart shifts from waiting to reaching.
- Israel was waiting but their hope was misplaced. - Our hope rests where the Holy Spirit lays it!
- What do we hope to see?
• Whatever we hope to see should are to be grace-filled and Spirit-driven! • The outcome that I hope to see is always missing pieces.
• Living by what we hope to see can blind us to seeing Jesus!
- When the watching is worth the wait!
• The victories that we get excited about aren’t always immediately tangible!
• To see God keep His promises was worth the wait for Anna and Simeon...
 ...and it is with each baptism, confession, confirmation, & funeral for us too!
• We shouldn’t be surprised IF God does something miraculous...
 ...we wait and see with confidence in hope for WHEN He will!

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