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The Beginning of Good News: A Pastoral Response to Stressful Times

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Resumes - John Mark? Peter? Jesus!

“The beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ, the Son of God…” (1)

1. Jesus’ Credentials (2-8) – revealing the unknown/hidden

  • Scriptural and preplanned (2-3; Ex. 23:20; Isa. 40:3; Mal. 3:1)
  • I (God) will send my messenger (Elijah/John/JESUS) ahead of you (Jesus/ YOU) to prepare your (Jesus/ YOU) way.
  • John the Baptizer, Forerunner (4-8)
  • “for” -- on the basis of the promise and expectation of repentance
  • “all” were expected to come to be baptized (back to a new beginning)
  • Dressed for prophetic success (2 Kgs 1:7,8)
  • “more powerful”—a power that regularly looks weak

2. The baptism of Messiah (9-11) – things we never saw or heard

  • Heaven is “torn” (Ezek 1:1)
  • The Spirit descends “like” a dove – God is about to reorder a new creation
  • A voice came from heaven – he who has an ear…
  • “well pleased”—sovereign prerogative

3. The Testing of Jesus (12-13) – ongoing clash of the kingdoms just beginning

  • Wilderness – prepare to spend lots of time there
  • There is a way prepared; there is a way proposed

Since our behaviour grows out of our deepest convictions, what we really believe about Jesus shapes everything about us.


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