Spiritual DNA: The Empowerment of Your Life

Spiritual DNA Part II:
The Empowerment of Your Life
Dr. Doug Oss
May 22, 2011 PM Service
Big Idea: The purpose of Spirit-Baptism is to maximize your effectiveness and influence in leading people to journey through life by following Jesus Christ.
  1. I.                   Jesus commanded his people to receive the power of the Spirit in order to be highly effective influencers for Him (Acts 1:6-8).
  2. II.                Being filled with the Spirit is different than salvation (Acts 4:29-31).
  3. III.             Is there such a thing as evidence (an “indicator”) for this experience?
(Acts 10:44-46)
  1. IV.             So, what about that “tongues” thing?
(1 Corinthians 14:14-19)
  1. Speaking in tongues is a God-created spiritual ability of people to communicate with God in a manner that transcends the intellect (v. 14).
  2. Speaking in tongues is a “trans-rational” way that your human spirit prays, praises, and gives thanks to God (vv. 15-17).
  3. Speaking in tongues for personal prayer, praise and thanksgiving is one way that the Holy Spirit wants to maximize your effectiveness and influence as a follower of Jesus Christ (vv. 18-19; see also 14:1-5).
Real Life Points of Contact:
  • Do you want everything the Holy Spirit has for you?
  • The Spirit transforms, and He also empowers.
  • Speaking in tongues is a way to pray that exceeds and transcends the ability of your intellect to formulate prayers.
  • Your spirit, by God’s design, has abilities that your intellect does not have.
  • Are you choosing to live within the finite limitations of your intellect?
  • Are you willing to expand your worldview to include realities of the Spirit that you cannot fully explain? Like the resurrection, for example?
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