Mark 8:1-10 Jesus Satisfies!

He Satisfies! It is interesting to see how Jesus continues to compassionately respond to the needs of people he encountered. His priority was to minister to people with the purpose of displaying compassion and affirming his teaching. In this place, he satisfies the physical needs, but in reality, he satisfied their greatest need, as he continues to reveal who he is. This passage culminates with the revelation Jesus satisfies completely. What does he satisfy? He satisfies our longing. What do we long for? Family? Peace? Relief at work? Finances? Sometimes what we long for isn’t what we need. desire and needs. It is wonderful when what we long for and what God knows we need intersect. Because of the true needs in our life, it is better to look to Jesus for satisfaction and to fulfill those needs than anything or anyone else. Jesus compassionately recognizes our needs. Jesus abundantly provides for our needs. No one else, nothing else satisfies, Jesus alone knows how to give true satisfaction.
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