Community Bible Church


It happens all the time: Someone pays a price for something they want. We do it almost every day: We exchange money or time or talent or knowledge for something else. We hope it's a fair trade. We hope we get something valuable enough that we can say, "It was worth it!" But what if we come to the end of our lives and we find that everything we gained just wasn't worth what we paid? All the money we spent, all the time we sacrificed, all the heart and soul and talent and know-how we poured into a cause was too high of a price for what we ended up with. The fact is, it happens all the time. Join us as we look at one of the most stunning questions Jesus ever asked: "What will a man give in exchange for his soul?"


This is the Sunday morning teaching. We have two churches that meet in the evenings: 

  • The Vine meets from 4:30-7:30 p.m. Sunday evenings in the home of Shaun & Beth LePage, 3511 W 5th Terrace, in Lawrence (map). 
  • The ClifCo Church meets Sundays from 4-7 p.m. in the home of Nate & Meghan Morsches, 1946 Clifton Court, in Lawrence (map).
  • Each church includes three general parts: Sharing, Supper and Study
    • Sharing is a time to share with the group a song, a verse or anything you feel will edify the body. So, bring something to share.
    • Supper is a time to celebrate the Lord's Supper together in the midst of a full meal. So, bring a main dish and a side dish to share.
    • Study is a time to explore God's word together. So, bring a Bible and a heart prepared to hear from God.   
  • Please read "Welcome to Simple Church" for more details about why and how we meet this way.
  • Please read "My Journey—Our Journey" written by Pastor LePage that explains not only why we are embarking on this new adventure, but also the larger vision behind it.
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