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All for One, & one for All

All for One & One for All

Matthew 21:1-10


In the scripture this morning we see the Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem. We see the colt that had never been ridden; we see the crown throwing their garments in the way, cutting down palm limbs to throwing them in the way of the colt. They cried out Hosanna, a term of adoration. However in verse 10, once in the city of Jerusalem, others asked “Who is this?”

I want to deal with this question and tell you who this is; what is so special about the Christ.

Let’s imagine for a moment that we are on the outside of salvation, needing a Savior, hoping for help, and seeking substance.


  1. He is Rest for the Weary! (Matthew 11:28)
    1. In our time of fatigue, and frustration
      1. He is our Rest
  2. No one is left out
    1. “…all ye that are heavy laden”

(a)    Red, Yellow, Black, White


  1. He is life for the Dead! (John 10:10)
    1. In spite of  the pain, and agony
    2. Regardless of the stench of our lives
      1. He gives life
      2. He gives abundant life

i)         As far as Quantity

(a)    Excessive

ii)       As far as Quality

(a)    Superior


III. He is Salvation for the Lost! (Luke 19:9,10)

  1. We’ve gone as far as we can
  2. We’ve done all we know to do
    1. Jesus is Seeking to Save

i)         Not only to find them and point them out.

ii)       But to Save them

(a)    To put them on the right path, the clear way. The “Strait” way


IV. He is Liberation for the Bound! (Luke 4:18)

  1. He came to preach deliverance to the captives
    1. He doesn’t stop there
  2. He was on a mission to free those that are Bruised
    1. Bruised- Crushed, Broken, Wrecked


  1. He is Cleansing for the Polluted! (I John 1:7)
    1. An interesting word in this verse…
      1. US
  2. There must be something about the world that will continue to pollute our minds.
    1. If you clean an area of river to the point of perfection, but you don’t travel upstream to clean there as well…Guess what.

i)         Your clean section of river will again be polluted.

  1. Our lives though washed clean by the blood of Christ, must be maintained by the same Blood.
    1. Cleanseth-A continuing cleansing



            All for one and one for all…Christ alone is ALL things to Everyone, but He is also the ONE thing everyone needs.

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