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Be your own Boss

Be your own Boss

Hebrews 13:9


  1. Discipline your Devotions
    1. I Timothy 2:8
      1. Many fail, no discipline in devotions
  2. Matthew 6:33        
    1. Take the time to read, pray and meditate


II.Discipline your Doubts

  1. Matthew 21:21
    1. Don’t nurture negative thoughts and doubts.

a)      It causes discouragement and failure

  1. Philippians 4:13
    1. Refuse to allow doubts to linger too long.

a)      Drive doubts away by replacing them with thoughts of faith.


  1. Discipline your Desires
    1. Colossians 3:2
      1. We live in a materialistic society.

a)      They pursue after selfish, sensual, and sinful goals.

  1. James 4:7-8
    1. We have to guard against the love of money, popularity and other things of the world.


  1. Discipline your Duties
    1. I John 3:22
      1. A lack of discipline causes us to waste time or spend it selfishly.
  2. Romans 1:6
    1. We must be faithful to God, allowing and MAKING time for His work.

a)      Witness to the lost, testify to the saved, and work to building God’s kingdom.

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