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Can God Bless America Again?

Can God Bless America Again?

Psalm 33:12


It’s time that we begin a pleading requests to God for our Nation. If we look at some of our National Songs we can see that even they invoke God’s Blessings on us:

“God Bless America

America the Beautiful” (God shed His grace on thee)

America” (Protect us by thy might, great God our King)


But Can God or will God bless America again, will He answer the prayers in these patriotic hymns?

It Depends on the Conscience and Conduct of the nation (Proverbs 14:34)

            -Righteousness exalts a Nation

            -Sin is a Reproach to any people

So what is needed to have God’s Blessing again?


  1. We need a Revival Born in Prayer
    1. II Chronicles 7:14
      1. We have enough Programs

i)         Strategies for Church Growth abound

ii)       Programs prove what planning can do; prayer proves what God can do

  1. Consider the praying of the early church.

i)         They Prayed before Pentecost (Acts 1:14)

ii)       There was mighty power in the church through prayer (acts 4:31-33)

  1. Every Great Revival began with Prayer


  1. We need a Revival the Brings Holy Living
    1. Revival comes when people see sin as serious.
    2. We’ve wandered far from God and His standards
      1. What’s in your life that you once considered sinful?
      2. We’ve become so tolerant of sin, we’ve nearly toppled over as a nation and people
      3. It’s time to return to Biblical Standards and Convictions

i)         The time for Personal Preferences is gone

  1. How can God Bless America?
    1. It is a land of Immorality and Broken homes
    2. Its is a land of Violence and Lack of Respect for Life
  2. This Return to Righteousness MUST begin with the Church
  3. Let the line between the Church and the world be clear again.
    1. It is so vague because of a lack of preaching and standards.
    2. Sands of compromise have covered the line.


III. We need a Revival that Blows up in Evangelism

  1. All True Revivals have brought sinners to Christ
    1. Evangelism is the missing link in the Church today.

i)         People have the “My Four and No more” mentality

  1. Let Preaching of the Cross produce a Passion for Souls
  2. Let Preaching on Hell show the cost of being Lost
  3. Let Altars be filled with Seeking Sinners


  1. Can this “Awakening” come to America today?
    1. Why Not? The Lord is Unchanged!
    2. God still Answers Prayers
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