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Looking Like Winners

Looking Like Winners

Hebrews 12:1-2



  1. Three Thrilling Chapters
    1. We are saved by faith (Ch. 10)
    2. Those that Lived their lives by Faith (Ch.11)
    3. How to live our Lives by Faith (Ch.12)
    4. Competing in Faith Olympics
      1. The Most important Race of All
      2. How do we Run this Race?



Lay Aside-Cast Off

Cast- Fling, A Deliberate Hurl

Weight- A mass, as bending or bulging by its load, a burden


  1. We Must Look Around Us (v. 1)
    1. We’re in a great Arena
      1. Many are watching the race
      2. All eyes are on the Runners
  2. Godly people have always been under scrutiny
    1. Noah was watched as he built the ark and preached
    2. Abraham was watched when he headed for Canaan
    3. Moses was watched as he approached Pharaoh
  3. We’re also watched to see our we run the Race of Faith
    1. A “Great Cloud of Witnesses” brings responsibility
    2. Many are counting on us to run well.
    3. Some will enter the race of Faith because of how we run.
    4. Some may choose not to run at all


  1. We Must Look Within Us (v. 1)
    1. A winner prepares to win
      1. Winning is NO Accident
      2. Winners take steps that lead to victory
  2. Runners are slowed by weight
    1. Winners don’t wear heavy clothes
    2. Winners don’t carry anything to slow them down.
  3. Is anything slowing you down in the Christian Race?
    1. Lay aside anything that dulls your interest in God.
    2. Lay aside anything that keeps you from the Bible.
    3. Lay aside anything that harms your testimony.
    4. Lay aside anything that keeps you out of church.

i)         Illustration with Backpack

  1. Weights are Not worth the risk of Losing the race.


  1. We Must Look To Jesus (v. 2)
    1. “Looking unto Jesus”
      1. Three Words for winners
      2. Others may let us down

i)         Even those running the race

ii)       Jesus NEVER fails

  1. Why Look to Jesus?
    1. For Encouragement (v. 3)
    2. For Consistency (13:8)
    3. As our Example (I Peter 2:21)
  2. Jesus is the Author and Finisher of our Faith
    1. Winners always start well and end well
    2. Winners give their all throughout the race



  1. This Race calls for Great Endurance
  2. Joy waits at the Finish Line


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