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The Ordeal of a Man's Faith

The Ordeal of a Man’s Faith

Genesis 22:1


Hebrews 11:1 tells us that “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” We have faith in the Lord, we trust that He will keep us, we do this because of what He has done for us, what He’s done for other people. We have faith because of people like, Moses, Abraham, Sarah, Rahab, Joshua, Gideon, Elijah, Paul, & John. However, they didn’t always have the luxury of a testimony service to get the encouragement that they needed.

Let’s look for a little while at Abraham and his ordeal with faith.


  1. The Testing of Abraham’s Faith (v. 2)
    1. God laid out His plan
    2. Here’s where our faith falters
      1. Just at the mention of trouble


  1. The Testimony of Abraham’s Faith (Obedience) (vv. 3-10)
    1. The next thing is Abraham getting everything ready
      1. What?!? 
    2. There was no pause, no hesitation, no bargaining, just simple faith.
      1. Oh that I could have that kind of faith.
      2. We sing “Living by Faith” but could we really?
    3. We fall apart when the Lord Impresses us to give a little extra in a love offering.
    4. But God is Faithful


  1. The Triumph of Abraham’s Faith (God’s Control) (vv. 11-13)
    1. After His Faithful Obedience, God rewards with supply
    2. God provided a ram in Isaac’s place.
    3. The Lord may ask some things of us only to see if we’re willing
      1. I don’t believe God wanted Abraham to Kill his son

a)          I DO believe He wanted to see how strong Abraham’s Faith was.

(1)         How would you do in this kind of test?

(a)       I don’t think I would do too well.


Conclusion: If we read further we see that Abraham called the place Jehovah-Jireh, Which means “Jehovah will see (to it)”

In every circumstance we find ourselves in, remember the words of Abraham, The Lord will see to it.

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