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The Side Effects of the Sedative called Sin

The Side Effects of the Sedative called Sin.

Luke 15:11-24


  1. Selfishness
    1. Vs 12
      1. “Give me”

i)         Its all about that person no one else


  1. Separation
    1. Vs 13
      1. “Took his journey into a far country”

i)         Separation goes hand in hand with selfishness


  1. Sacrifice
    1. Vs 13, 14
      1. “Wasted”, “Spent all”

i)         “Sin will take you farther than you want to go”


IV.  Starvation

  1. Vs. 14
    1. Famine- Scarcity- Help is hard to find


  1. Serving
    1. Vs 15
      1. Serving Sin

i)         “Joined” then he was “Sent”

(a)    He planned to stay a while.

(b)   Sin will make you star longer than you want to stay


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