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Why Can't Everyone be like me ? Part 2

Why can’t everyone be like me?

Matthew 13:1-8, 19-23

Intro: For years I have had this question on my heart and in my mind. I wondered if they are saved, then why don’t they do what I do, act like I act, say what I say, like what I like and hate what I hate.

As recently as this weekend I’ve asked myself this question.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I am not perfect, but I have standard, I feel that they are Godly standards, set by God, and I choose to stand by those standards but what about everyone else? Why can’t everyone be like me?


  1. We have to Notice the Sower
    1. “One plants, another waters, but God gives the increase”

(I Corinthians 3:6)

  1. Everyone one of us Witness in a different way.
    1. Some preach on the streets
    2. Some hand out tracts
    3. Some knock on doors
  2. The great thing is, we are Sowers
    1. We are sharing the Gospel


  1. We have to notice the Soil
    1. Four Types of Soil
      1. Wayside

a)      A place where attention is easily refocused on the World

  1. Stony Soil

a)      A genuine desire to accept the seed, but is overcome by outside influences

  1. Thorny Soil

a)      Quite possibly the Worst Soil

(1)    They accept the seed but the surroundings choke the seed out

  1. Good Soil

a)      The most desirable soil.

(1)    Fertile

(2)    Rich

(3)    Ready


  1. We have to Notice the Seed
    1. Scripture doesn’t say what the seed is, in the context of the Parable I believe we can say it is the Gospel.
    2. As said before we all sow differently
      1. It is also true that we can share the Gospel in different lights

a)      You’re a sinner going to Hell

b)      We are all sinners, but God Wants to save us

c)      You’re a filthy rotten wick man, you deserve Hell, but for some reason God wants you to go to Heaven

  1. Three different ways of sowing the seed but its all truth.
  2. The Gospel of Jesus IS the Seed we must sow


IV.  We have to Notice the Season

  1. It is true that everything has a place, and a time.
  2. Our lives also are in a seasonal cycle. (James 5:7)
  3. One is in the Summer, another is in the Winter. So on.
    1. This Does NOT mean that will you’re in the Spring, Vibrant, and lush, that the ones who in the Fall, seemingly losing all life is out of the will of God.


  1. We have to Notice the Steward
    1. Paul mentions names in I Corinthians 3:6
      1. Each of us come in contact with different individuals.
      2. Each one of us can prune when we need to.

a)      Note to hurt, or hinder, but to help & heal.

  1. Chris is the Ultimate Steward (John 15:2)


VI.  We have to Notice the Spoil

  1. While there is One Fruit of the Spirit, I believe it safe to say that we all are different.
    1. One an Orange
    2. One an Apple
    3. One a Bundle of Grapes
  2. We all must bear fruit
  3. We must bear Good Fruit
    1. Fruit appears 67 times in the new testament
    2. The only time a tree is hewn down is because of one of two reasons

a)      No Fruit

b)      Or Bad Fruit

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