Christ Fellowship Church

Being the Church Part 1 - Church Order

Matthew 18:15-20, Romans 13:8-10. To read all of scripture in context, is to understand it all in light of this fact; to Love is to fulfill the law! To be the church, we cannot escape, go around, dodge, one up, defy, or outsmart the bottom line: the call is to LOVE. *With that in mind we know HOW you are to approach one in the church who has sinned against you… with total humility, with unconditional love, with a spirit of forgiveness, and with total mercy….WHY- because you are one in the same, and your Father has showed these same attributes to you! And we are called by his grace into agreement. We agree that Christ is the Lord of the church. Do you see that by so reaching this conclusion- and only in this conclusion, can the church be a mature body of believers- sharing in the mission as equals! If Christ is given Lordship of the church, we all stand by grace. None stands above another.