Christ The King Church (OLD)

The High Cost of Living, Part 7: The High Cost of Reality

High Cost of Living Title - Sermon GraphicOver the past few weeks CTK has been a high challenge environment. Two weeks ago I asked the question, "Are you weathering this economic storm your way or God's way?" Last weekend, before the life-changing moment of baptism, Pastor Sam asked, "What are you holding back?" The answer to those two questions is embodied into a biblical principle: When God's people obey, God provides.

No matter how we are giving, when we do what God has asked, He provides everything that we need. This week as we continue to explore "The High Cost of Living," we turn our eyes to a tiny little church that, in the middle of severe trials, chose to do the unthinkable. They chose to be generous. That's how they handled a recession... they were generous! See how God met their every need when they chose to obey.


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