Christ The King Community Church (OLD)

A Match Made in Heaven

I will never forget my wedding day. The music, the family, the meal, and the white tuxedo are all permanently etched in my memory. But there is one picture in my mind that transcends them all: seeing Laurel walking down the aisle to become my wife. I still smile at the memory! The Bible begins with one wedding and ends with another. From the first wedding in the Garden of Eden to the final wedding that takes place in Heaven, God uses the picture of a wedding to illustrate his love, anticipation and acceptance of people. This weekend, we are going to talk about the wedding that happens at The End. Jesus has been planning this wedding for more than 2000 years... it's going to be amazing and you won't want to miss it! Join me this weekend as we prepare ourselves to witness a match made in Heaven (literally!).

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