Christ The King Community Church (OLD)

Give Yourself Away, Part 2: And You Give Yourself Away

GiveYourselfAway150x113 - Sermon Title GraphicHave you ever made a past decision that haunts you to this day? Ever wish you could go back and undo what you did? Do you ever regret giving yourself away to someone or something because of the impact that one decision made on your life? I can answer yes to every one of the questions I just asked. For years I carried around the guilt and shame of bad decisions. For years I lived in a prison of regret.

But then I began to see how God viewed my past failure. I began to taste and see what redemption really meant and God broke me out of the prison I had put myself in. This weekend at CTK there’s going to be a jail-break. We are going to run for the freedom that God has promised. Don’t miss it!

PLEASE NOTE SCRIPTURE REFERENCE CORRECTIONS on the sermon notes. Opening passage should be 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, not Ephesians 6:19-20.


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