Christ The King Community Church (OLD)

Summer '10 Road Trip, Part 6: The End of Your Rope

Road Trip Title 150x113 - Sermon Title GraphicRoad trips are supposed to be about adventure, travel and relaxation. We picture humming down the road with the windows down, the kids singing in the back seat, Mom and Dad smiling and enjoying a refreshing beverage as the miles just slip by. We picture pulling into our destination refreshed and ready to take on the world. Whatever! Reality says that the car will break down on mile 13, the kids will start a civil war in the back seat, Mom and Dad will stop talking halfway to Seattle and everyone arrives at the end of their rope. Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?

Part 6 in our Road Trip series sheds light on what God wants us to do when we find ourselves dangling at the end of our rope. Just so you know, his plan is a little more helpful than the worldly wisdom that says, “Just tie and knot and hang on.”

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