Christian Life Center

Glory Unveiled

The image of Christ ​in or text today is breathtaking. This is not an image of the humble Servant that we witnessed in the gospels, but the image of the glorified Lord of the church. Today, we witness the immeasurable Sovereign of the universe standing in the heavens, holding the stars. He​ ​i​s blazing as radiantly as the sun with a voice that thunder​s​ as He ​works for His church. John's only response was to fall face down as dead in total reverence and humility to Christ's Lordship. Christ, with His full mercy and grace, allows John to stand, gives him comfort, and gives him the important task of ​recording everything he sees for the all who follow. ​John was given a purpose in his vision that we too may have an eternal purpose that is for us now and will still be so in its culmination.