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Who serves Whom? Rev. 4 - Trinty Sunday

Who serves whom? Or does our worship reflect the heavenly? Revelation . 4:1-11Worship, which is an obligation and a privilege for the people of God in the Old as well as in the New Covenant . – Covenant Church! Again and again, the question of about true worship of God is repeatedly asked. Does liturgy or worship has primarily to do with mankind or with God? Is it first of all that we gain something about the church service, the worship, that God is doing something for me, that I will be build up? Where does the trend of worship today going. Click, you like it – Facebook ask us the postmodern question! Do we come to together Sunday morning to have a good time? Now, if we look at such statements we have the impressions, it seems to be that the participant’s needs are in the center of interest – that they are satisfied. This is the question of all questions at church is: Does worship mean, that we serve God? or rather that God serves us, serves me? Is it all about satisfying the needs of people or is it all about the adoration of God? Without entering into entire Old and New Testament worship or the meaning of the Liturgy, the entering into " work of the people" for the purpose of a higher meaning , this morning we want just concentrate on our text from Revelation 4:1-11, to answer it from here. In his Vision the apostle John is looking into the heavenly throne room which is serves as a role model for our earthly worship.

1. Who / What is the object of Worship? The object of worship is described with SOMEONE sitting on the throne. A throne usually speaks of dignity and power. And the ONE who sat there has the appearance of Japer and Ruby. The ONE is presented in shining colors of holiness and blood-red stain of redemption following with all colors of the rainbow, which reminds us of the ongoing and continuing original covenant of creation. The 24 elders represent 2 x 12 representatives of the people of God from the faithful of Israel to and the Gentiles believers. They gather around the throne God and on behalf of all OT & NT believers honor the Creator. In the center around the throne, the four living creatures seem to be the four high-ranking powerful angels who serve God and support his mighty power. He, the ONE alone, is the object of our worship. On whom is the focus directed? It is God Almighty alone who is worshiped by the Church of the Old and New Covenants and the Archangels with its host.

2. What are the actions of their worship? The four powerful angels – the worship leaders – are directing the worship. They give the directions to be followed by all others, they as a small choir kindle the tune of praise. Then all the other 24 representatives of OT – NT Church fall onto their knees to worship God, laying down their crowns and gift of honor, they received from God, back to God in front of HIS throne. These 24 elders are not occupied and impressed by their skills, gifts, office or self-esteem. We find nobody glorifying himself before the throne of God. Even the God-given glory crowns, are returned to His honor and glory. . 3. What are the words of worship? The liturgical angelic beings, the worship leaders, speak together:

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty , who was and is and is to come .

We note that words of holiness and the description of the eternal living God initiate the act of worship. God is a perfect, all-powerful and eternal being. Next, the words of worship followed by the 24 elders are: Lord, our God, You are worthy to receive glory and honor and power .These are words of appreciation. Surely, God is worthy that we honor his name and him alone. Even all the representatives of the people of God now have taken all honors down to the throne of God. And in turn we, as his people, ought also to recognize, fall down, honor and appreciate him.             Further we want to note here that biblical prayers in worship mostly representative prayers of worship leaser or Common Prayer of all peoples spoken with one voice. If, as we see, the 24 representatives of all believers prayer in unison together, how much more should he people of God here on earth do this the same in their worship services? To pray Common Prayers, scriptural prayer, that are based first of all on God's character and his handy work, and to worship Almighty God with his word and according to Scripture? This is certainly what it means "to worship God in Spirit and in Truth ". In heaven we do not find such things as self-created spontaneous prayers that just pop up to one’s mind, also that all the millions left over pray as humming birds or swarms of bees humming to each other, praying individual prayers simultaneously to each other! And further, we hear nothing about speaking in other languages or tongues before the throne of God, there is no Babel, no need for interpretation. But everything goes on understandable and in good and honorable order.

4. What is the reason for their worship? V11

a) God is the Creator of all things ... For you created all things ... This is the cause of all worship: Because of their created nature all creatures are determined and obliged to adore and worship God – birds by their singing and mankind by praising God. But God created not only mankind, but also all the world and the entire universe; the microcosm and the macrocosm. And since man fell into sin and threw the harp of adoration in the mud, God created the new man in Christ Jesus, even us through the rebirth as the new children of God to return, sing and adore him alone. Because he did all this only our Creator, and he alone, is to be worshiped. Thus our worship of God and the worship of the church of God finds its solid ground in the Creator, as we confess our believe in God, the Father: the Creator of heaven and earth.

b ) God is the sustainer of all things ... And by your will they were created (or we can also translate) for your pleasure they are created. Because God was not only the watchmaker who created the "cosmic clock" , wound it up, and now unwinds itself down without God. But he also keeps all process of life and all things related to creation in his hands, he maintains actively all laws of life, even our faith and ensures our eternal life ensures. Therefore, we should worship him as sustainer of creation. And therefore no other things, no creature, no idea nor mankind, dependent on God's power and will alone are to be worshiped and adored.

c ) God is end of all things in Worship

and ... by your will have their being. Because God is the cause of all things, all creation is geared toward him, so everything has its destiny. Being with destiny! God's plan and counsel is founded in eternity and has eternal purpose. Because his counsel is good, so we should worship Him alone in worship. And concerning the purpose of our own creation a reformed catechism asks:

Q. 1. What is the chief end of man? A. Man’s chief end is to glorify God,[1] and to enjoy him forever.[2]  This is the reason why we should glorify him alone . ------

Looking back, we studied the heavenly type of worship, the blueprint, which Moses saw dim and John in his totality. This answers our question: Who serves whom in worship: Did God create man or did man create God? Scripture clearly states that only the holy and almighty and eternal Creator God himself – three in one – the Trinity - is the only reason and the center of our worship. Now, everyone must ask the question: Did receive the same view of God as John did? Do I have the access to the holy throne of God? Do I recognize God's nature? Do I hear the threefold "holy" and I am I am close to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit? Do I bow down before him: in the heart, outwardly with my body and with all my being? Do I use the right and scriptural words of adoration in my worship? If this is so, then all our self-centered and psychological questions concerning worship come to an end like: " Did I “like it”? Did I feel good during worship? Did I enjoy music? But we should ask: Why did we gather before God? To return what is his due! Ourselves! To praise him, with his own and holy words, confess our sins and proclaim our faith . Whether we are enjoying what we are doing or feeling, to check this process in us is not important. However if our total view is on God alone, if he is in the center of our worship experience, he will surly bless, if we feel it or not. Amen.

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