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Command the Hand of God

There is a deeply held religious belief that anything God desires to do will automatically happen without human effort. In fact, human involvement is seen as fleshly, as works, as an interruption to be avoided at all cost. But that is certainly not the Biblical pattern, for that pattern is filled with human participation and responsibility.

There are stages in the activity of the Christian in concert with the overcoming power of God. First, there is a process of searching to discover the will of the Lord Jesus in a given situation. Once the will of the Lord is known, there follows a time of decision when an individual must choose to obey the demands of King Jesus that are tied to His power. Ultimately, once the will of God is known, and the decision to obey is made, then there is the final stage in which the Christian is challenged to rise and command the hand of God. It is in this action that the Christian lives out his or her position as a true son or daughter of God and functions as a joint heir with the Lord Jesus, and as a strategic partner with the overcoming authority and power of heaven. 

  I. The Hand of the Lord as the Symbol of His Power… Psalm 20:6; 89:13; 98:1; 118:15-16; 138:7-8 

II. The Prophetic Promise to Command Divine Power… Isaiah 45:11; Matthew 16:19; 18:18-20 

III. The Use of the Command by Jesus and His Church… Luke 8:25-32; Acts 16:16-18

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