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The Essentials

The Church, collectively and individually, is commanded to receive the kingdom (Dan 7:18). The question is how? The answer is simple, yet extremely demanding. It begins with a group of essential beliefs that cannot be overlooked or partially accepted and continues into an entire world of supernatural authority and manifestations. But the essentials are essential. No Christian can overlook the essentials and expect to overcome the onslaught of attacks by an enemy who seeks to steal, kill and destroy.   

I. The Lord Jesus Christ is reigning today as the Messianic King… Acts 2:29-36

II. The Lord Jesus Christ has all authority in heaven, on the earth and under the earth… Mt 28:18, Dan 7:13-14; Phil 2:9-10     

lll. All other kingdoms are subordinate to the Lord Jesus Christ… Col 1:13; Rev 19:16 

lV. The Lord Jesus Christ will reign throughout human history… 1Cor 15:24

 V. The Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ will be victorious through His church…

  • He will build His churchMt 16:18
  • He will baptize His churchMt 3:11
  • He will send His churchMt 28:19-20
  • His Enemies will be defeated1Cor 15:25-26
  • World will be ChristianizedHab 3:3; Eph 4:10
  • He will win!Phil 2:10
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