Core Faith Church


This Cultural wave has slipped into the church, especially youth groups. If your group is not seeker friendly, "pizza party/ice cream social," "1 hour icebreaker/2 minute prayer/5 minute bible study/45 minute fellowship," then your group will never grow. If all we talked about is the bible and confronted people's destructive sin problems: expect your attendance to be low. If we use entertainment to encourage the youth to attend, they will leave as soon as they are not entertained.

The bar has been set low, and our expectations for our youth even lower! Parents and adults have not been good examples of the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We have not been diligent in our training in Godliness. We have allowed the culture to infiltrate our homes and our churches. In this portion of scripture, we see Paul warn Timothy of the opposition he’s about to face.

The root of this problem is an Identity issue. Our identity needs to be rooted in the gospel. God created image bearers, who rebelled against Him, separating themselves from Him by their sin. Today, we too are rebels and our sin separates us from God. Without hope, we are on a one way street to hell...nothing we do can change that, just like no accomplishment or failure can give us our identity.

True identity can only be found in the one who created us! Jesus came on a rescue mission to die in our place to enable us to make a u-turn and get on a different path; one in which we receive a new identity. From sinner and enemy of God, to saint and child of God! As we embrace the cross as the only remedy for our sins and Jesus as our only hope of salvation -- by believing in our hearts that God raised Jesus from the dead and confessing that Jesus is Lord, repenting of our sin, calling upon Him for salvation -- we are filled with the Holy Spirit and receive the POWER of GOD that takes us from the place of powerless to powerful!

My challenge in this message is for you make this summer the most powerful ever. Live in full surrender to the will of God, in full submission to the Word of God and in full dependence upon the Spirit of God.

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